Our Partners

We work with a diverse variety of vendors, suppliers and hope to continually meet new friends to exchange ideas and perspectives. We hope to not only promote our own cuisine but also other extremely outstanding individuals and groups.


cookie boyCOOKIEBOY, based in Hong Kong and originating from American tradition, is committed to crafting premium cookies for all to enjoy. We make our cookies just as you would at home, using only premium ingredients and always 100% real butter.



Studio Round Logo_TransparentStudio Round is an artisanal bakery and confectionery start-up in Hong Kong, whose mission is to provide flavors with a platform to shine. Our authentic high-quality flavors are the star of the show, so our products are naturally low in sugar to ensure that you get a full and flavorful experience


a726c7ca-b185-4cde-a3e5-16e6a15d470aParty At No Where The name just says it all!! You will be sailed to any pit stop, literally just anywhere with no specific destination in mind – be it whisking you away from the hustle buzzy life for afternoon tea,  “all-yours” kind of private dinner or even a sunset party! Every event comes with delicious food and beverages packages! We do customization too?! From bridal showers, birthday parties,  private dinner with your closed ones – speak to us and we can tailor made to your needs!


front-whiteThe Nutter Company offers locally produced and handcrafted nut butters including All Natural Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, Almond Butter and ABC Spread. At The Nutter Company our products are always made fresh for customers using only natural ingredients and guaranteed to not contain any palm oil and artificial preservatives

Millie's sipping brothMillie’s Sipping Broth is a traditional French inspired method of making a soup broth with vegetables. Some call it vegan bone broth. This drinkable savory beverage is made by hot-water steeping wild harvest aromatic herbs and savory dried spices together with real vegetables in your very own mug. Available with all your meals and catering needs!
- Gluten free, low sodium & no carbohydrates
- Small-batch crafted artisanal flavors
- Take-anywhere single serving steepable tea/broth bag